walking the camino 

Documentary on Spain\'s 1,200 year-old Camino de Santiago trail (also known as the Way of St. James pilgrimage). Explores how it lures people from all over the world to spend a month walking its 500 miles with little more than a backpack and a pair of boots. Follows six pilgrims as they cope with blisters, exhaustion and self-doubt.

Directed by Lydia Smith (feature debut)

Documentary | 1hr 24mins | PG | Coarse language | Country of Origin: USA, Spain | 


How to enter


Patrons who see Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago at any participating cinemas simply write their contact details (Name, Phone Number, Email Address) on the (back side) bottom part of the flyer (flyers will be available at the cinemas) and put it into the entry box at the cinema counter to go into the draw. 

The Prize 

A trip for 2 to Spain. 

·         Two (2) economy flights ex Auckland/ Christchurch/ Wellington ONLY) to Spain with return economy flights ex, Spain plus transfers to the start and finish of the route (conditions apply).

·         Seven (7) nights’ accommodation in a combination of hotels & farmhouse B & Bs on a twin share basis generally with ensuite facilities (upgrades to superior hotel in Arzua and Santiago- supplement applies) inclusive of Seven (7) breakfasts and Six (6) dinners for two (conditions apply).

·         Luggage transfer each day from hotel to hotel, (1 bag x 20kg bag max per person)

·         Full route notes, maps and walking guide (1 per room)

·         2 x Euro Rail passes

·         Visitor tax

·         Emergency hotline




From the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague.
After two years on a blockbuster world tour, the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ has returned home to the much-loved Mauritshuis gallery in The Hague, which has just completed extensive renovations. With huge queues lining up for a glimpse of her enigmatic beauty and nearly 1.2 million visitors at its stop in Japan, the enduring appeal of this masterpiece is indisputable. The beautifully filmed documentary goes in pursuit of the many unresolved riddles surrounding the extraordinary painting and its mysterious creator Vermeer. Who was this girl? Why and how was it painted? Why is it so revered?


“Filmed lovingly in slow-mo panning so you can observe every tiny detail and brushstroke, and the beauty and simplicity of the clever composition.”  Sydney Arts Guide


French dramedy following a young man on holiday who winds up in a not-that-normal romance. What was intended to be a summer of hanging out with friends ends up being a summer of love when he meets Madeleine, a boot camp-obsessed survivalist convinced the apocalypse is nigh.


Starring: Adèle HaenalKévin AzaïsAntoine LaurentBrigitte Roüan

Directed by Thomas Cailley (feature debut)


Comedy, Drama, World Cinema | 1hr 38mins | M | Sex scenes and offensive language | Country of Origin: France | Language: French with English subtitles



4/5 : Graeme Tuckett - "(...) insightfully written, with its share of laughs, honestly and accurately performed." full review HERE

4/5 : Mark Kermode - "Outlaw humour meets heartfelt emotion". full review HERE

         Simon Morris - "(...)eminently satisfying and delightful". full review HERE


The man behind the myth.

Sir Ian McKellen is an aged and retired Sherlock Holmes in this crime mystery from director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls). The great detective’s memory is fading, but a 50-year-old case still troubles him. Residing in a Sussex village post-WWII, Mr. Holmes investigates the mystery with the fragments of memory he has left.


Starring: Ian McKellenMilo ParkerLaura LinneyHattie MorahanPatrick KennedyHiroyuki Sanada

Directed by Bill Condon (\'Dreamgirls\', \'The Fifth Estate\', \'Kinsey\', \'Gods and Monsters\')

Written by Jeffrey Hatcher (based on the novel by Mitch Cullin, using characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle)


Drama, Mystery | 1hr 44mins | PG | Adult themes | Country of Origin: UK, USA



Comedian Russell Brand and filmmaker Michael Winterbottom (The Trip24 Hour Party People) collaborate with this documentary, tackling inequality and the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

"Building on Brand’s emergence as an activist following his 2014 book Revolution, where he railed against “corporate tyranny, ecological irresponsibility, and economic inequality,” The Emperor’s New Clothes pairs archival footage with comedic send-ups conducted in the financial centres of London and New York. Brand spotlights not only how the crisis affected the working class around the world, but also how the uber-wealthy benefited from the downturn." (Tribeca Film Festival) 

Starring: Russell Brand

Directed by Michael Winterbottom (\'24 Hour Party People\', \'The Killer Inside Me\', \'The Trip\', \'A Mighty Heart\')

Written by Michael Winterbottom

Documentary | 1hr 41mins | M | Offensive language | Country of Origin: USA, UK



4.5 / 5 :  Graeme Tuckett "Please go and see it. You\'ll be as charmed and enraged as I was by the end." Full review HERE

4 / 5 : Geoffrey MacNab "The film makes excellent use of archival material and presents its arguments with passion and coherence." Full review HERE


Right time, right place, wrong date.

Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) and Lake Bell (In a World…) star in this London-set rom-com from the director of The Inbetweeners Movie, following a woman who is mistaken for a blind date which accidentally leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend.


"Perpetually single Nancy (Bell) has given up on ever finding Mr. Right. When a mix-up involving a fad self-help book leads to Jack (Pegg) - a charming stranger - falsely identifying her as his blind date, Nancy lets her guard down to see where this unexpected opportunity takes her. At first Jack seems like he might be The One, but soon both parties realise there might be more to the other than they first let on." (Tribeca Film Festival)

Starring: Simon PeggLake BellOlivia WilliamsKen Stott

Directed by Ben Palmer (\'The Inbetweeners Movie\')

Written by Tess Morris

Comedy, Romance | 1hr 28mins | M | Offensive language & sexual references | Country of Origin: UK



  • “ 4 stars (out of 5) - I loved it…Man Up is the best British rom-com I\'ve seen in years”  - Graeme Tuckett, & Dominion Post.

  • “ 3 ½ stars (out of 5) -  Man Up doesn’t reinvent the romantic comedy…but for the most part it’s good, laugh out loud, easy fun.”– Francesca Rudkin, NZ Herald 
  • “3 ½ stars (out of 5) – I was completely on board…a nice little film.” Dominic Corry, TV3

  • “4 stars (out of 5).... I laughed, I clapped, I cheered.... I got it!” – Mary Putnam, RadioLIVE
  • “4 1/2 stars (out of 5).... Lake Bell personifies the modern single woman over 30. She’s an updated Bridget Jones without the knicker fixation and a healthier attitude towards sex & self worth.” – Sarah McMullan, Radio NZ


  • “ 4 stars (out of 5)...…[ the ] script is absolutely sensational…their chemistry is infectious…utterly delightful from beginning to end” – Sarah Watt, Sunday Star-Times,



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