Documentary exploring the double life of Jean Watson - an anonymous elderly writer living in a modest flat in Wellington, New Zealand. But in southern India, she is revered as the famous ‘Jean Aunty’.

"Unassuming heroism may be the only kind that makes any sense to Christchurch filmmaker Gerard Smyth (When a City Falls). 80-year-old writer Watson could hardly be more self-deprecating in responding to his attention, but by the end of his account of her surprising life you might wonder why there’s not been a film about her already. The book-loving daughter of Northland dairy farmers, she’s best known in New Zealand forStand in the Rain, a novel published in 1965, and for her decade-long involvement with another literary scion of the land, Barry Crump. What is less well known is that 30 years ago she sold her Wellington house and used the proceeds to buy the land for a children’s home in Tamil Nadu in southern India.

"We follow along on one of her frequent visits. She guides us around the rapidly changing world of her ‘Star People’, named for the white stars painted on their faces. The value of her work is there for all to see, not least in the hospitality of successful former beneficiaries, and the shining eyes of the children enjoying shelter and educational opportunities." (NZ International Film Festival)Hide


Starring: Jean Watson Directed by Gerard Smyth Written by Gerard Smyth 

Documentary | 1hr 22mins | Country of Origin: New Zealand


A wonderfully warm and wacky Kiwi adventure…

Hip Hop-eration follows a troupe of courageous, yet cheeky, senior citizens on an extraordinary quest to perform at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. The film explores the lives and motivations of the ambitious Waiheke Island senior citizens within the dance group. Hip Hop-eration is a poetic feel-good film that proves age has no limits and that hip hop can set you free. It is an inspirational self-help journey for anyone fearful of growing old. 

Directed by Bryn Evans (\'From Street to Sky\')


Documentary | 1hr 30mins | PG / Country of Origin: New Zealand | Official Site


A little pinch of happiness can change your life.

Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi) leads this romance, where a mistaken delivery in Mumbai connects a young housewife to an older man. As they exchange notes to find the correct address, a relationship is triggered, built on the fantasy of their letters.


Mumbai’s famously efficient lunchbox delivery system transports thousands of meals every day from kitchens to offices. A Harvard University study found that just one in a million lunchboxes is ever delivered to the wrong address. This is the story of that one lunchbox. Ila, a neglected housewife, attempts to spice up her marriage by preparing a special lunch for her husband. When it is accidentally delivered to Saajan, a lonely widower on the brink of retirement, they exchange notes to each other to get to the bottom of the mistaken delivery. Their notes gradually evolve into a series of intimate little confessions.

Starring: Irrfan KhanNimrat KaurNawazuddin SiddiquiLillete Dubey

Directed by Ritesh Batra (feature debut)

Written by Ritesh Batra


Drama, Romance, World Cinema | 1hr 44mins | PG | Country of Origin: India, Germany, France, USA | Language: Hindi and English with English subtitles |


Terror gets domesticated.

Ghostly Kiwi tale – fusing horror, mystery and comedy – sees Kylie (Morgana O\'Reilly) sentenced to home detention and forced to return to her childhood home. There, Kylie finds herself not only sharing the house once again with her mum (Rima Te Wiata) – who\'s convinced the place is haunted – but also unsettling phenomena that force Kylie to consider that a ghostly being may not only exist, but also be pissed off about her presence. The directorial debut of Gerard Johnstone (TV\'s The Jaquie Brown Diaries).

Starring: Morgana O’ReillyRima Te WiataGlen-Paul WaruCameron Rhodes,Millen BairdRoss HarperRyan LamppWallace ChapmanIan Mune Directed by Gerard Johnstone (feature debut) Written by Gerard Johnstone

Comedy, Horror | 1hr 49mins | R13 | Violence, horror scenes and offensive language | Country of Origin: New Zealand


Zach Braff directs, co-scripts and leads this Kickstarter-funded comedy drama about fatherhood, following up his 2004 feature filmmaking debut Garden State. Caught at a crossroads, a struggling mid-30s actor looks to realign his career, clean up his life and focus on his family. Co-stars Kate Hudson, Josh Gad (Jobs) and Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory).

Starring: Zach BraffKate HudsonJosh GadJoey KingJim Parsons,Ashley Greene Directed by Zach Braff (\'Garden State\') Written by Zach BraffAdam J. Braff

Comedy, Drama | 2hr 00mins | Country of Origin: USA |


Sometimes doing right means doing wrong.

Independent crime-drama set in Auckland, following a teenager (Beulah Koale) trying to care for his drug-dependent mother. His plight introduces him to three men who make great promises, but even greater risks. This is the feature debut of writer-director Rene Naufahu. The Last Saint was largely independently funded, circumventing the tradional funding bodies available in New Zealand.


Starring: Beulah KoaleSophia HuybensJoy VaeleCalvin TuteaoXavier HoranJoe Naufahu Directed by Rene Naufahu (feature debut, TV\'s \'The Market\')

Written by Rene Naufahu 

Drama | 1hr 51mins | R16 | Violence, offensive language, drug use & sexual material | Country of Origin: New Zealand | Official Site

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