Based on true events, it is the hopeful and touching story of two remarkable women and their 15 year battle against a cruel and insidious illness, breast cancer. The film follows the incredible, irreverent and heart-warming story of how the paths of cancer survivor Annie Parker (Samantha Morton) and geneticist Mary-Claire King (Helen Hunt)  intersect. With grace and humour the film chronicles how these remarkable women work to make one of the most important genetic discoveries of the 20th century. While DECODING ANNIE PARKER doesn’t pull any punches in terms of displaying the realities people living with cancer face, it’s not all doom and gloom. The telling of this story from Annie Parker’s point of view lends the film it’s humour and humanity.

Starring: Aaron PaulAlice EveMaggie GraceRashida JonesCorey Stoll,Helen HuntMarley SheltonBen McKenzie

Directed by Steven Bernstein (feature debut) Written by Adam BernsteinSteven BernsteinMichael Moss 

Drama | 1hr 40mins | M | Sex scenes and offensive language | Country of Origin: USA |


This is not a love story but a story about love.

Kirsty Preston leads a comfortable life. All of this changes when she discovers how her husband, Gary, has been keeping the business afloat. While trying to piece together her shattered life she meets suave car salesman Jason Wiki. He seems to be everything Gary is not.

 Francis Tripp is desperately trying to convince his wife Miranda to give their marriage another chance. Things have started to go wrong since she started her new TV show “Budget Blow Out” with stylish billionaire Dorian Lamond.

 Lex a young real estate agent has his heart set on the award for best salesman of the year; he has just one last sale to clinch before he can beat four time winner Terry Fuller. His win is sure to please his partner Grace and impress the receptionist Sandy.

But even the best of plans can be thwarted and when the pressure comes on the cracks begin to show. As the incidents in their worlds play out, their lives unknowingly touch one another, until a final single event brings them together.

Three loves, three lies, one more chance. 

"There\'s a crack in everything that\'s how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen  

Starring: Ben MitchellVanessa RiddellGreg SmithRoussel DuboisDean Carruthers Directed by Alastair Riddell (TV movie \'Colliding Lives\') Written by Vanessa Riddell Drama | 2hr 15mins | M | Sex scenes, Offensive language and drug use |  Country of Origin: New Zealand |


A father\'s journey across India, to save his only son.

Hindi drama based on actual events and directed by Richie Mehta (I\'ll Follow You Down), exploring the heartbreak of a father (Rajesh Tailang) who believes his son has been taken by child-traffickers. Having little money, few resources and being illiterate, he fights to find his son who he sent away to work for a month, but never returned. 

Starring: Rajesh TailangTannishtha ChatterjeeAnurag AroraShobha Sharma Jassi Directed by Richie Mehta (\'I\'ll Follow You Down\') Written by Rajesh TailangMaureen DoreyRichie Mehta

Drama, World Cinema | 1hr 36mins | M | Country of Origin: Canada, India | Language: Hindi with English subtitles |


reaching for the moon 

Two iconic women, one passion.

Love story, set in 1950s Rio, telling the true story of American poet Elizabeth Bishop (Mirando Otto) and her love affair with the Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares (Glória Pires).


In need of some respite from her Manhattan life and writer\'s block, Elizabeth heads to Brazil where she meets Mary, an old friend who is staying at Lota’s sprawling estate. Elizabeth is uneasy after learning the two women are lovers, and her sensitivity sees her subjected to Lota’s taunts. Their opposing temperaments and political ideologies, together with Lota’s ongoing connection with Mary, fuel tension, but the pair’s instant attraction eventually blossoms into a full-blown love affair.

Starring: Glória PiresMiranda OttoTracy MiddendorfMarcello AiroldiLola KirkeTânia CostaMarianna Mac NivenMarcio EhrlichTreat WilliamsAnna Bella  

Directed by Bruno Barreto (\'View from the Top\', \'Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands\', \'Last Stop 174\', \'Four Days in September\') Written by Matthew ChapmanJulie Sayres (based on the novel \'Flores raras e banalíssimas\' by Carmen L. Oliveira) 

Biography, Drama, Romance | 1hr 54mins | M | Offensive language and content that may disturb | Country of Origin: Brazil | Language: English and Portuguese with English subtitles |


Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard are three radical environmentalists who put their ideologies to the test by conspiring to blow up a hydroelectric dam in this thriller from lyrical indie director Kelly Reichardt (Meek\'s Cutoff). Nominated for the Golden Lion at Venice 2013.

"Reichardt provides another graceful and absorbing drama about outsiders searching for a meaningful place on the edges of the system... The three are eager to send a message to the developers and technology-addicted residents of “the latest outpost of the Portland Empire.” When their plot to blow up Oregon’s Green Peter Dam goes slightly, but significantly awry, they discover that even small steps can have enormous consequences, especially when the most steely-eyed devotees of a political cause abandon their morality." (Tribeca Film Festival)


Starring: Jesse EisenbergDakota FanningPeter SarsgaardAlia Shawkat,Logan MillerKai LennoxKatherine Waterston

Directed by Kelly Reichardt (\'Meek\'s Cutoff\', \'Wendy and Lucy\', \'Old Joy\')

Written by Kelly ReichardtJonathan Raymond


Drama, Thriller | 1hr 52mins | M | Violence and offensive language | Country of Origin: USA



Bittersweet, Moroccan dramedy chronicling a middle class family who reunite to mourn the death of their father (screen legend Omar Sharif), set over the three day period called for by Muslim tradition. As the family gather, sparks fly and dramatic secrets are unearthed.

"Set in an opulent villa in Tangiers, the film unfolds over the three days of the rites of mourning dictated by Muslim custom, following the death of a prominent magnate and family patriarch, Moulay Hassan (Sharif). The solemnity of the occasion is disrupted by the unexpected return of Sofia (Morjana Alaoui), the rebellious youngest daughter who left Morocco, against her father\'s wishes, seeking an acting career in the US. Her sisters, Kenza (Lubna Azabal) and Miriam (Nadine Labaki), rattled by her unsettling antics, come to reconsider their life choices in moments of emotional reckoning. And as their father\'s remains are prepared for burial, the three siblings find themselves unearthing some dramatic family secrets." (Toronto International Film Festival) 

Starring: Hiam AbbassNadine LabakiLubna AzabalMorjana AlaouiOmar SharifRaouia Directed by Laïla Marrakchi (\'Marock\') Written by Alexandre AjaRaphaëlle DesplechinGladys MarcianoLaïla Marrakchi Cinematographed by Pierric Gantelmi d\'Ille

Comedy, Drama, World Cinema | 1hr 39mins | M | Nudity and sexual references | Country of Origin: France, Morocco | Language: French, Arabic & English with English subtitles. |

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