Madame Bovary  

The fantastic Mia Wasikowska is Emma Bovary, whose refusal to accept societal conventions leads to rebellion and disgrace, in this adaptation of Gustave Flaubert\'s classic novel set in 19th-century rural France. Co-stars Paul Giamatti and Rhys Ifans.


"Flaubert’s finest gets a fresh dust-off as Wasikowska takes on the mantle of the woman who wanted too much. Marriage is at first a dream for young Emma, keen to embrace this new stage in her life and be the perfect partner to her country doctor husband. But she is too spirited a woman to be contained and it’s not long before a combination of loneliness, boredom and naïveté impel her beyond the boundaries of society." (London Film Festival)

Starring: Mia WasikowskaEzra MillerLaura CarmichaelLogan Marshall-GreenHenry Lloyd-HughesPaul GiamattiRhys IfansMorfydd ClarkRichard Cordery

Directed by Sophie Barthes (\'Cold Souls\') Written by Sophie BarthesFelipe Marino (based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert)


Drama | 1hr 58mins | M | Sex scenes | Country of Origin: Germany, Belgium, USA |


Life, death, redemption.

Moody mystery set in the Spanish Deep South, 1980. Two detectives, ideologically miles apart, investigate the brutal murder of two young woman in a forgotten rural town. Winner of 10 Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars), including Best Film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay.

"Alberto Rodríguez (Grupo 7) returns to film noir with this thriller... Two cops, ideologically miles apart, are reprimanded and sent as punishment to a remote town in the swamps to investigate the disappearance of two teenagers. There they will measure their wits against a savage killer in a community anchored to the past." (San Sebastian Film Festival) Hide


Starring: Javier GutiérrezRaúl ArévaloMaría VarodPerico CervantesJesús OrtizJesús CarrozaSalva ReinaAntonio de la Torre Directed by Alberto Rodríguez (\'Grupo 7\') Written by Rafael CobosAlberto Rodríguez

Drama, Mystery, Thriller, World Cinema | 1hr 45mins | R16 | Violence,offensive language and content that may disturb | Country of Origin: Spain | Language: Spanish with English subtitles

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Set in 1992 war-plagued Georgia, this Oscar nominee (Best Foreign Language Film) centres on an Estonian tangerine harvester who takes in two wounded men - a Georgian and a Chechen...

"1992. The Abkhazia region wants to separate from Georgia and war breaks out between the Georgian army and the separatists. Most of the Estonians living in Abkhazia flee the combat region, but Ivo insists on staying behind and helping his neighbor pick the tangerines that have ripened in his orchard. The war reaches them quickly and after some fire exchanges at their doorstep, Ivo takes in two serious casualties: a Georgian and a Chechen. Only their critical condition keeps them from slitting each other’s throats. While the war rages outside, the two sworn enemies recover and are forced to recognize each other’s existence." (Jerusalem Film Festival) 

Starring: Misha MeskhiGiorgi NakashidzeElmo NüganenRaivo TrassLembit Ulfsak Directed by Zaza Urushadze (\'Ak tendeba\', \'Sami Sakhli\') Written by Zaza Urushadze

Drama, War, World Cinema | 1hr 27mins | M | Violence & offensive language | Country of Origin: Estonia, Georgia | Language: Russian, Georgian and Estonian with English subtitles


A dream that changed a million lives.

True story biopic on children\'s rights campaigner Christina Noble, a feisty and courageous Irishwoman who was forced into homelessness as a teen when abandoned by her father. As an adult, her compassionate nature drove her to help nearly a million street-children and their families in Vietnam and Mongolia.

"After surviving an early life of poverty, abuse and other misfortunes, Dubliner Christina Noble (Deirdre O’Kane) finally finds her mission in life. Aghast at the images of the Vietnam War (and the subsequent vivid nightmares they inspire), this tenacious, devout woman travels to Ho Chi Minh City in order to establish a clinic and refuge intended to better the lot of street children and war orphans. Is the fighting spirit coursing through her Irish veins a match for widespread corruption and indifference that awaits her?

"Bradley’s biopic concerning this remarkable Irish charity worker has already scored a number of awards on the festival circuit. Built around a powerful central performance by O’Kane and boasting an array of well-known faces such as Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey), Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) and Ruth Negga (12 Years a Slave) in supporting roles, it’s a truly inspiring film." (Vancouver International Film Festival) 


Starring: Deirdre O’KaneBrendan CoyleLiam CunninghamRuth Negga

Directed by Stephen Bradley (\'Boy Eats Girl\', \'The Tale of Sweety Barrett\')

Written by Stephen Bradley


Drama, True Story, Bollywood | 1hr 50mins | M | Violence, offensive language and sex scenes | Country of Origin: UK, Vietnam | 




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