Sundance-winning drama based on the urban legend of a lonely Japanese woman (Rinko Kikuchi, Pacific Rim) who, after watching the Coen brothers\' 1996 thriller Fargo obsessively, is convinced the events depicted are true and sets off to America in search of the buried money.


"Kumiko lives in a cluttered, cramped apartment in Tokyo with her pet rabbit, Bunzo. She works as an office lady, robotically preparing tea and fetching dry cleaning for her nitpicky boss. But on her own time, she obsessively watches a well-known American film on a weathered VHS tape. Rewinding and fast-forwarding repeatedly, she meticulously maps out where a briefcase of castaway loot is buried within the fictional film. After hours of intense research—convinced that her destiny depends on finding the money—Kumiko heads to the United States and into the harsh Minnesota winter to search for it." (Sundance Film Festival)

Starring: Rinko KikuchiNobuyuki KatsubeShirley VenardDavid Zellner,Nathan Zellner Directed by David Zellner (\'Kid-Thing\', \'Goliath\') Written by David ZellnerNathan Zellner

Festivals & Awards Special Jury Prize (Dramatic), Sundance Film Festival 2014

Drama, Festival & Independent | 1hr 44mins | G | Country of Origin: USA |

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Viggo Mortensen (The Road) leads this French drama set during the Algerian war where a teacher residing in a small village bonds with a dissident, only to be ordered to turn the man over to authorities. Based on a short story by Albert Camus. Best Film winner at Venice 2014.


Starring: Viggo MortensenReda KatebDjemel BarekVincent MartinNicolas Giraud

Directed by David Oelhoffen (\'In Your Wake\')

Written by David Oelhoffen (based on the short story \'L\'Hôte\' by Albert Camus)

Festivals & Awards Best Film and Interfilm Award winner at Venice Film Festival 2014

Drama, Western, World Cinema, Festival & Independent | 1hr 50mins | M | Violence | Country of Origin: France | Language: French, Arabic and Spanish with English subtitles


Opportunity rocks where you least expect it.

Bill Murray is Richie Lanz, a down-on-his-luck rock manager in this comedy from director Barry Levinson (Wag the Dog). Co-stars Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Bruce Willis and Danny McBride.

When Richie takes his last remaining client on a USO tour of Afghanistan, she gets cold feet and leaves him penniless and without his passport in Kabul. Trying to find his way home, he discovers a young girl with an extraordinary voice and his last shot at creating an unlikely superstar. Hide


Starring: Bill MurrayZooey DeschanelKate HudsonBruce WillisDanny McBrideScott Caan Directed by Barry Levinson Written by Mitch Glazer


Comedy | 1hr 46mins | M | Violence, offensive language, drug use & sexual references | Country of Origin: USA


Peter Young’s lively, beautifully illustrated documentary celebrates the profusion of murals, pop-up enterprises and inventive recreational options that have brought colour and vitality to Central Christchurch since the massive demolitions that followed the quake. ‘People feel it is theirs’, says Pete Majendie, in explanation of the longevity of his 185 Empty Chairs memorial, which typically involved the labours – and emotional investment – of numerous volunteers. Conceived as a temporary installation, the white chairs have been carefully tended and much visited ever since. His observation perfectly encapsulates the spirit that brought so many people together to bring meaningful life to the city’s vacant spaces.

The organic nature of their initiatives and the support systems that grew around them have drawn international recognition, as diverse commentators attest in this film. (No other expert articulates the ground-up attitude with more clarity and abundant sanity than Gap Filler’s Coralie Winn.) Filming over several years, Young juxtaposes the Gap Filler philosophy with the precipitate and increasingly ascendant business-driven imperatives of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.

‘Exciting cities are dysfunctional and chaotic’, protests one critic of the Recovery Plan’s tidy carve-up of city space. Young appreciates that no governmental organisation appoints itself the agent of chaos, no matter how exciting, but he leaves us hoping against hope that the new city can be infused with some measure of the resurgent spirit, creativity and pride of community ownership so lovingly documented in his film.

Rating: PG - Duration: 1 hr 25 mins


Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB 
★★★ 1/2 
Not what you might expect from a documentary about the Christchurch earthquake.
Richard Swainson, Ripitup

Kinetic, interesting and inspiring…  a fine celebration. 
James Croot, The Press
A unique, exciting, and hopeful watch. 
Ellena Zellhuber McMillan, One Room with a View
Pure joy to watch... 5 stars!  
Vicki Buck, Christchurch Deputy Mayor

Beautiful, inspiring, clever, and soulful…  
Rebecca Macfie, Journalist 



Acclaimed Russian drama centred on a humble plumber who discovers a serious fault in a dorm with 800 inhabitants. The building needs to be evacuated immediately, but a system of corrupt bureaucrats stonewall his call for action.

The Fool is a movie about a simple plumber. An honest man, he is up against an entire system of corrupted bureaucrats. At stake are the lives of 800 inhabitants of an old dorm that is at risk of collapsing within the span of the night. Dima Nikitin is a simple and honest guy, a foreman of a repair team at a provincial housing service. Nothing really makes him stand out among the rest. It\'s only the unusual combination of honesty and integrity that makes others perceive him as somewhat weird.In the little town there is a notorious dorm, inhabited mainly by drunkards and outcasts. One night the pipes burst at the dorm. After arriving at the scene, Nikitin discovers that things are way more serious - the building will not stand through the night. People need to be evacuated immediately. Fighting the red tape, Nikitin sets off on a night Odyssey around the town authorities.

 Starring: Nina AntyukhovaSergey ArtsibashevPyotr Barancheev Directed by Yuriy Bykov Written by Yuriy Bykov


Drama, World Cinema | 1hr 56mins | M | Violence, offensive language and drug use | Country of Origin: Russia | Language: Russian with English subtitles



-VARIETY- “The Fool” isn’t exactly a fable, it does serve as a wake-up call of sorts — and one whose relevance needn’t be limited to Russia, either. Full review Here

- SLANT Magazine - 4/5 - Full review Here


 Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Michael Shannon (Take Shelter) lead this charged housing drama following a family who are evicted from their home without warning. Desperate for cash, the father and husband (Garfield) becomes the reluctant employee of the unsympathetic real estate broker (Shannon) who kicked them out. Co-stars Oscar-nominee Laura Dern (Wild).


Starring: Andrew GarfieldLaura DernMichael ShannonTim GuineeJ.D. EvermoreJordyn McDempsey

Directed by Ramin Bahrani (\'Goodbye Solo\', \'Man Push Cart\', \'Chop Shop\')

Written by Ramin BahraniAmir NaderiBahareh Azimi

Festivals & Awards SIGNIS Award - Honorable Mention and Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Award winner at Venice Film Festival 2014

Drama | 1hr 52mins | M | Offensive language and sexual references | Country of Origin: USA


 Winner of Sundance’s Audience Award for World Cinema, writer/director Prashant Nair’s handsomely produced Indian indie tells a classic tale of country lads finding their bearings in the big city. As a young boy, Ramakant watches his older brother Udai set off from their remote mountain village en route to America (‘Umrika’). Udai’s letters home are a long time coming, but, lavishly illustrated with magazine clippings, they infuse the whole village with American dreams, and even provide the impetus for Ramakant to learn to read. After a family tragedy, Ramakant himself sets out for Mumbai, determined to follow his brother’s path.

Set in the mid-80s, with global events viewed through an ironic prism of local misconceptions, and a soundtrack peppered with America-influenced vintage Indian pop,Umrika handles its big themes with a light, personal touch. Its bittersweet tone is anchored by Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma in a moving debut – while The Grand Budapest Hotel’s bellboy Tony Revolori turns up as his well-meaning buddy and light relief.

Comedy, Drama, World Cinema | 1hr 40mins | M | Violence and offensive language | Country of Origin: India | Language: Hindi with English subtitles

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