How far would you go to get them back?

New Zealand drama sees one man\'s desire to raise a child collide with morality and the law when grief-stricken Charlie (Brett Stewart) tries to recreate a family unit shattered by loss. When his wife Angela (Sia Trokenheim) is surprised to find a young boy in his presence, she must decide how much she wants to question circumstances and how much she will play along with this illusion concocted by her husband, a former magician. The directorial debut of Max Currie.


Starring: Brett StewartBen ClarksonSia TrokenheimJodie RimmerPaul HarropSophie HambletonOscar SeelKathrine Keanard

Directed by Max Currie (feature debut) Written by Max Currie  

Drama | 1hr 40mins | PG | Adult themes | Country of Origin: New Zealand


Jimmy\'s Hall 

Where anything goes and everyone belongs.

Ken Loach\'s true-story drama, set in 1932 Ireland, about political firebrand and communist Jimmy Gralton who - upon returning from 10 years abroad - opens a dance hall for the youth to share ideas. Based on the stageplay by Donal O\'Kelly. Nominated for the Palme d\'Or, Cannes 2014.


"In 1921, Jimmy Gralton\'s sin was to build a dance hall on a rural crossroads in Ireland, where young people could come to learn, to argue, to dream... but above all to dance and have fun. Jimmy\'s Hall celebrates the spirit of these free-thinkers." (Cannes Film Festival) 

Starring: Barry WardSimone KirbyAndrew ScottJim NortonBrían F. O\'Byrne

Directed by Ken Loach (\'The Angels\' Share\', \'The Wind That Shakes the Barley\', \'Kes\', \'Sweet Sixteen\')

Written by Paul Laverty (based on the play by Donal O\'Kelly)

Biography, Drama, True Story | 1hr 49mins | M | Violence and offensive language | Country of Origin: UK, Ireland, France | 



A documentary about the discovery of over 100,000 photographs and negatives taken by the late Vivian Maier, a nanny who kept her passion for photography a secret from even her closest friends. John Maloof was the real estate agent who won the photographs at an auction, only to discover the secret life of the accomplished street photographer.

Maier travelled all over the world during the 1950s and 1960s, visiting the roughest parts of cities to take the most interesting portraits of the people she saw. It is only now that she is receiving recognition for her work that she kept hidden from the world when she was alive.

Directed by John MaloofCharlie Siskel Written by John MaloofCharlie Siskel

Documentary | 1hr 23mins | PG  | Country of Origin: USA


It\'s not how many times you fall...

Australian true crime drama about a nurse falsely accused of rape. Stripped of his life and freedom, Will (newcomer Nathan Wilson) is forced to survive maximum security jail and its inmates, including hard criminal Jimmy (Martin Sacks). Meanwhile, the legal battle to free him continues, led by his family and a lawyer (Erin Connor) convinced of his innocence. 

Starring: Martin SacksNathan WilsonMary RhoneErin ConnerDavid CuthbertsonTade AdepoyibiJessica GreenStephanie MayGemma Laurelle

Directed by Mack Lindon (feature debut) Written by Mack Lindon 

Drama, True Story | 1hr 44mins | M - violence, offensive language  | Country of Origin: Australia |


German romantic-drama based on the love triangle between two aristocratic sisters and the soon-to-be famous poet Friedrich Schiller. Set in 18th century Germany, the two sisters, one of them being unhappily married, find they are both in love with the poet. The once close bond between the sisters is slowly weakened as the relationship between the poet and his mistresses grows.

Starring: Henriette ConfuriusFlorian StetterHannah HerzsprungClaudia Messner Directed by Dominik Graf Written by Dominik Graf

Drama, Romance, Historical, World Cinema | 2hr 18mins | M | Sex scenes | Country of Origin: Germany, Austria, Switzerland | Language: German and French with English subtitles

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